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i'm only updating because i was trying to do research
to figure out when my boyfriend & i got together
i thought maybe livejournal could give me some hints
i know we got together in the 20's of jan
but i'm not too sure since it took so long to be offical

once doing my research i found out i only update like twice a month
which is seems okay since i do not do much

i went up to illinios twice this month
it was pretty great
not perfect but no one ever is
i had an amazing birthday
steven had lots of suprises
& really knew what i liked
he took me galena & surprised me by going to a garden
& riding a trolley around the city to learn
then on my birthday he made me a collage of photos
decorated his truck & did side walk chalk
he also had some friends over & all his family for a BBQ
i felt right at home & was so thanksful
he also got me a great present of a digital frame
it's really cool & plays music during the slideshow
it's the most thoughtful thing i have ever got
he tried really hard & i was really happy

while i was up there i had a job interview
i actually had two with the same company
making it to the second round again 2 other people
it's for a marketing asst job two hours away from him
i was suppose to know if i got it on friday but no call
i do not think i got it sadly
but who knows, maybe he will still call?

i really want to move up there
it's so pretty & his family accepts me & is nice
& i just want to see my boyfriend more then once every month
or once every two months for 2.5 days.
i think i am ready for it
i want to grow up
i can't stay in FL forever

in other news i lost 10 pounds
it was 12 pounds but i gained some back on my vacation
i also got a new tattoo
so that's good

i miss my boyfriend. boo

first trip

second trip


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