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always changing, never stoping

so i am offically moved in with my parents
my room is really cute & im getting used to my new bed
so overall it's not too bad
just trying to adjust living with so many people
i think it has been making me really irritable lately

i joined a gym which im really happy about!
I have been pretty consistant about going
& already lost 2 pounds!
i should be super hot by the time
i see Steve by the end of April

I am really excited & ready to see him!
We have so many fun things planned already
it's really hard starting a relationship long distance
we don't know eachother too well & are working through it
he is such a great guy though
today i recieved flowers from him for no reason
other then that we have been argueing a little

it made me smile
i hope it really works out with him
my fingers are crossed

other then all that i would really like to get drunk
& go out.
but now that i dont have any friends that isn't going to happen

i think things are okay though
i am doing well
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