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times a changing

so right now i live alone
allison had to move to her moms
so i'm in my lil apartment all alone!
it's not so bad
this girl is coming over tomorrow
to see if she wants to be my roommate
if she doesn't work out
i'm also moving in with my parents

if i move in with my parents its gonna be crazy
i have lived on my own for almost 5 yrs
& my house is like a 4 bedroom house
with like 7 people & 3 dogs!
7 people because my brother has two friends
who basically live there & are always on the couch
that should be interesting
i dunno what is happening yet

in other news i have a super sweet boyfriend!
he sent me a phone so we can talk & text whenever
& it not effect his minutes or anything
he also sent me a surprise "i miss you" card
i was so suprised & think it's so sweet!
he's the best
i think it's going to work out
i wish i can see him sooner
but i think we are planning on 2nd week of may
so far!!!!

anyways that's it
i want a haircut
my puppy needs a haircut
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