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long time no see

i'm only updating because december 4th was a long time ago
nothing has really been going on
same ol same ol
work work work
i may not have a job next week
but i'm not sure
there are no positions at disney
nothing is getting approved
so my boss said he's going to keep paying me
& just hope no one notices
good plan

i haven't meet any cool people
& i have gained a bunch of weight from christmas
such an endless cycle of diet & weight gain

i got an ipod for christmas
finally up with the technology
i also got two betsey johnson bags
they are the best!

like i said nothing exciting is going on
i've been hungover all weekend & that sucks
i want to go to the gun range today
but i think my sister has plans

i'm ready for 2009
i feel like it's going to be good
but who knows!
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