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seriously, my period makes me fucking psycho!
i feel so crazy since i'm about to get it tomorrow
for the past two months i have cried hysterically the weekend of my period
i feel like i need to go to the doctor and be like whats up!
too bad my insureance blows & its $50 to see a doctor!
i must get that hpv vaccine so maybe i can ask about it again
i really want to go cuz i hate feeling crazy

i also hate my new job (for now)
& the fact that i feel really awkward around boys
not all boys but boys i actually care about
i'm frickin 22 yrs old
i mean come on learn how to act!
i just don't trust people
& feel insecure all the time
i need to work on it
or no one will ever really like me
i also need to not "throw" myself at people
because thats just sad

i am in an awful mood
i have two interviews this week
let's hope i don't blow them
i just need to go watch the xfiles
& go to sleep so i can wake up in a good mood
cuz im fucking in the worst mood this week
& i am over it
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