<3 (sex_so_classy) wrote,

hello journal

so things have been the same i guess.
country boys have come & gone
working, hanging with my bff
daphne is being insane lately
running around & being all hyper
she is at my mom's for the weekend
so i can get some piece of mind!
crazy puppies.

my friday night boyfriend & i are talking again
he came over thursday to get his watch
we hung out & everything was the same
except for the mass amount of sexual tension
we may or may not have sex again
he said he wanted to be friends
cuz he really enjoys my company
whatever weirdo
he texted me last night inviting me out
but i just slept last night
of course i want to have sex with him
& no i am not in love with him

in other news i start my new job in sales monday
hopefully it will be okay
& hopefully i will get the job in marketing
& make like $35,000.
my fingers are really really crossed

i am really glad obama won by the way
it was so moving & inspiring
i think things will really turn around

allison & i went to busch gardens today
it was fun
on the way there & home we got lost
& on the way home these counrty boys
asked me if i wanted to party & if i was horny
guys are so weird!
but it made us laugh

pictures from recently

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