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i never want to go to bed anymore
i don't know why
i stay up way too late
like i feel like any moment something exciting might happen
this is 100% not true
since nothing never does

i really like bright eyes still
& my new autumn mix
i just love autumn so much!

i hate how im obessed with relationships though
i feel like i want someone so bad
zachary said i want just anyone
& i think hes right
& i shouldnt act like that
even if i dont let it show
this whole year has been so crazy
i feel like i'm constantly changing & growing
& i really won't know who i am until 2009
if i know anything by then!

im also really "bummed" (i think is the only word to describe it)
about not having anyone to hang out with on Friday
yes, sometimes it got old
but for the most part it was fun
i think this goes back to the above paragraph

my diet is going well
im eating lots of fruits & veggies & water
what a concept!
i should be a skinnie minnie mouse in no time

which brings me to work
today it sucked & was really stressful
it made me very very cranky
luckily i went home & put on pjs/tube socks/nerd glasses
& that made me feel alot better!
see below

in other news Im going to try to go to Maryland & Washington D.C in November, i'm excited.
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