September 1st, 2009

lucky <3

i'm really lucky
first i get flowers for no reason
other then that my boyfriend loves me
& then he agrees to drive me to IL...

my family has not really been that supportive
& keeps coming up with weird ideas on how i should do things
so now Steve is going to fly down here
& we are just going to do it ourselves
i feel so much better about it now
& have no stress since i know i can depend on him
PLUS i get to see him sooner! yea!

in other news, hung with Jen
said that i'm leaving when i like her
oh well
5 weeks to have fun
but save all my money at the same time
difficult? yes!

oh well, i'm happy
i'm glad i'm in love
with someone who i can depend on
we're a team
& that's how i like it
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