June 26th, 2009

this thing is so hard to keep up

for some reason i feel like i need to keep livejournal up
i dunno why though because it's a pain to write aboute

all i have to say is that i HATE people who are stuck in the past
i refuse to talk about anything in my past because i feel its unnessicary
why talk about it? what happened, happened
sorry. if you were not my significant other
i do not feel like i owe you a large explaination of my actions

also, i'm also over people acting like they like me
but really don't
like hanging out with me
saying you had fun
& then ignoring me
also rediculous

also, steve's soon to be ex wife
utterly rediculous

anyways in non-annoyance news
i have a job interview in illinois in july!
it's for a marketing assistant!
it would be so awesome if i got it
& moved up there
i'm so sick of not seeing my boyfriend
it makes me so cranky
& i'm really ready to take it to the next level
yes, we have only been together 6 months
but there is only so much you can grow from 1,200 miles away

I'm ready to leave this state
to start over
to start new

it's all very exciting
i hope it works out!

oh yea, speaking of working out
i started counting calories on everything i eat
& lost 5 pounds!
that means im like 10 pounds lighter
then i was when steve lived her
this new diet is really good
& i hope i can lose my 50 pounds i have been wanting to!
that would be INSANE!
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