June 12th, 2009

stupid livejournal

i mentioned in casual conversation
i had a livejournal to my boyfriend
he wanted to read it
so he did.

well i just went back & read stuff
& it made me really really uncomfortable
i'm really glad I'm not a crazy party girl
and it's not the best idea to put your life on the internet
too late now.

i am what i am
i was what i was

in other news,
my house makes me feel depressed
i guess that's overdramatic
but when i get home
i always just feel sad

i guess because there are so many people here
like my brothers friends all the time
& sitting around just makes me miss my boyfriend

it sucks
a lot

i'm cranky
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p.s. also, i am really over being known in this city
I feel like if i ever try to hang out with anyone i used to know
it has a negative stigma & people are like
"oh my gosh, you're talking to alison py, you're hanging with alison py"

i mean come on!
was i really that bad in high school?
it was almost 5 years ago
get over it

sometimes i just want to have a friend
but it's so hard when the only people you know
are people you used to know or used to be friends with

i feel like i try to be really nice
& can't even think of the last mean thing i did
but somehow i always have a negative stigma surrounding me

i'm just sayin'
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