May 27th, 2009

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my boyfriend said
"the second i saw you i loved you, i should've said 'hi, i love you' instead of just 'hi'"

this is one reason why he is so sweet
he came down obiviously
it was fun
i have pictures
i will post them if i get bored.

i'm sure the 2 people who read this are sick of my love posts
i apologize.

that's it. all i do is nanny
& that's less interesting then being in love
i need to try and save money
because i am pretty sure i am going to move
to be with steve before winter hits
it's the biggest thing i have ever done
& i am already nervous
i just hope it turns out right
i'm ready to settle down
is that weird?

the hills is dumb
heidi is in love with lauren
& it's weird

p.s. i went to my first day of grad school last week
didn't like the class, had an anixety attack & dropped all my classes
i dunno if i want to be a teacher, so we will see
i'm young, i have time.
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