May 9th, 2009


went to see steve.
it was amazing
we compliment eachother well
& it made me feel very confident about our relationship

i haven't updated in so long..
so he will be here in less then 2 weeks
we have tons of fun stuff planned
but we are going to pretty much burn alive
because its already like 96 here

today i went to the beach with mallory
it was really fun
mal got so burned
& i worked on my tan & am a little red

right now i'm trying to figure out school
i start may 18th & am in 3 classes as of now
i hope it isnt too hard
i am a little confused on some things
& i messed up my financial aid
& need to get it straighened out
because grad school is EXPENSIVE

mmm boyfriend just called
here are pictures

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