April 15th, 2009

seriously, hate subjects

so! today i found out i got into grad school
how exciting right!? i sure think so
it's not like i'm getting another degree...yet
but i am getting a graduate certificate so i can teach middle school
i am really excited & overwhelmed about going back to school
i start may 18th, i am going to be so busy
& hopefully i will make some friends!

i am leaving for illonois in 9 days!
I am so excited to see steve
i have missed him so much
we have such a good relationship
we balance eachother out
& talk everything out
it's so refreshing & grown up
i hope we stay together forever
i could marry him & have babies easily
i feel like we have fallen in love so fast
it scare me when i really think about it
i do not know if it's because it is right
or because i am being naive.

that's it
that's my life
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