March 5th, 2009


i've been sick for almost a week
it really sucks
i started my job as a nanny
loveit, will love it more when im not sick!

allison is moving out
trying to find a new roomate ASAP
a nice, cute, gay guy came over today
i hope he wants to live here
he seems like a lot of fun!

i have a boyfriend
he lives 1200 miles away now
but i don't care
i still think he's the greatest
i have high hopes for this one

last weekend we went on a family trip
the WHOLE family & only the family
it was fun to hang out with my brother
since well i never do
the whole family got along well
& it was a lot of fun

pictures of my current life below
i'm doing this new thing steve taught me
only worry about yourself & do what makes you happy
i like it a lot

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