February 5th, 2009


so today i went to UCF and talked to someone about being a teacher
i am really confused on what i should do
in order to teach elementary education i think i have to get my masters
i am willing to do that but i don't think right now
a master's is going to take 2.5 to 3 yrs...
which means i would probably have to work in marketing
or some sort of business field
& by 3 yrs i should be getting somewhere
& i feel like i won't leave a business job to be a teacher.

i can however teach a subject for 6th to 12th graders
if i do that i think i will teach history for like 10th grade
i just need to figure out if i really want to be a teacher to be a teacher
or if i would like to be a teacher cuz i want to teach little kids
either way i have a lot of research to do

i talked to my old boss from Disney & i may be her nanny soon
i'm meeting with her on monday to meet the baby & see how things go
i hope it goes well cuz i need money ASAP
& that would be a really fun jon and i could make some decent money

as far as the rest of my life
i get cranky about everyday cuz im stuck at home
but i like hanging out with this one guy
that i shouldnt hang out with a lot
we hang out a lot cuz he leaves at the end of the month
i am happy about it but then i get sad cuz its such a mess
i freak out every other day
poor guy
he puts up with it though

i need to watch reality tv now
figure out my future!
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