January 8th, 2009


i have edited this entry 2 times.
i don't update much
i guess it's because i'm 22 and a grown up
i want to update for real
because i only had to click back 3 times to see snack face
i can't believe that was my life.

i am completely obessed with crime shows
i watch first 48 all the time
& dream about being a detective
it's kinda sick

i feel like my life has been very much the same
i work everyday & drink all weekend
i however, havent been to cowboys in over a month
we are going tomorrow for steve's birthday
he is a married security gaurd who has an unoffical crush on me

i am really hopefully about 2009
i find out tomorrow if i have a job
they have been stringing me along for 2 weeks
telling me that they dunno if i have a job or not
i am over it
if i'm done, i'm done.

i would really like to meet someone nice this year
i feel like it could happen
i spent all of 2008 working on myself
growing, understanding myself
i feel like i could be ready
i hear i'm a lot to handle though
we'll see

below are photos from recently

fingers crossed for 2009

p.s. this is christmas

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