i will be offically out of the state of florida in 8 days!
crazy right? & so so exciting!
Steven is flying down next Thursday & driving me up there
I found a great place in Iowa though
It's so big & has a deck and a huge backyard!
I really love it.
It's not 100% mine yet
but I am crossing my fingers
I feel like I have so much to do
but i just do not know where to start!
My last day of work is this Friday
& then I will start packing and probably panicing
I should post pictures but i'm lazy

i lost 17 pounds
I was at 19 pounds
but I gained some back when i saw steve this weekend

slowly but surely right?


annoyed with where i live
annoyed with who i live with
annoyed with my job
annoyed with the people i work for

just ANNOYED (& cranky)
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lucky <3

i'm really lucky
first i get flowers for no reason
other then that my boyfriend loves me
& then he agrees to drive me to IL...

my family has not really been that supportive
& keeps coming up with weird ideas on how i should do things
so now Steve is going to fly down here
& we are just going to do it ourselves
i feel so much better about it now
& have no stress since i know i can depend on him
PLUS i get to see him sooner! yea!

in other news, hung with Jen
said that i'm leaving when i like her
oh well
5 weeks to have fun
but save all my money at the same time
difficult? yes!

oh well, i'm happy
i'm glad i'm in love
with someone who i can depend on
we're a team
& that's how i like it
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(no subject)

holy hangover!
eating 1240 calories
& drinking a lot a lot a lot
is not the best idea

i do not even know the last time i felt like this!
i def can not do this all the time
or i will never lose my 5 pounds
i want to lose before i see steve.
only 24 days until i'm there!

i hope i find a cute apartment
i can't wait to see him everyday
it's going to be amazing

he's the best boyfriend yet!
(& hopefully the last!)
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oh shit

so! i only need to lose 5 pounds to be my pre snake face weight
i'm so excited about it!
i want to do it before i see steve on sept 24th
i think i can do it!
that means since i started seeing him i lost 20 pounds!
that's good stuff there.

anyways that's really all the interesting parts of my life.
i keep flipping out about my relationship
because i am not used to going this long without seeing him
it really really sucks & is a lot harder then i thought
i'm also a lot more damaged & fucked up then i thought
from my last relationship.
oh well, we all have baggage right?

that's it
if my sister ever wakes up we might go to cici's
to celebrate my weight loss of course
because that goes together
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my parents basically left us kids here alone
for over a week
i am about to kill my brother!!
seriously, i wish my parents were coming home sooner
he always has friends over
always drinking beer
always smoking
& he eats all my food!
my parents gave all of us money for food for the week
& obivious he didn't spend his on food
& he or his girlfriend keeps eating mine!
i think it's so disrespectful
especially since i'm on a diet
& all my food is like special stuff
why would you eat diet food if you can eat anything?
it's driving me crazy!!!!
i hate this house
& being stuck in my tiny room
because there is also a thousand people at the house
it sucks!!!
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i guess

i'm only updating because i was trying to do research
to figure out when my boyfriend & i got together
i thought maybe livejournal could give me some hints
i know we got together in the 20's of jan
but i'm not too sure since it took so long to be offical

once doing my research i found out i only update like twice a month
which is seems okay since i do not do much

i went up to illinios twice this month
it was pretty great
not perfect but no one ever is
i had an amazing birthday
steven had lots of suprises
& really knew what i liked
he took me galena & surprised me by going to a garden
& riding a trolley around the city to learn
then on my birthday he made me a collage of photos
decorated his truck & did side walk chalk
he also had some friends over & all his family for a BBQ
i felt right at home & was so thanksful
he also got me a great present of a digital frame
it's really cool & plays music during the slideshow
it's the most thoughtful thing i have ever got
he tried really hard & i was really happy

while i was up there i had a job interview
i actually had two with the same company
making it to the second round again 2 other people
it's for a marketing asst job two hours away from him
i was suppose to know if i got it on friday but no call
i do not think i got it sadly
but who knows, maybe he will still call?

i really want to move up there
it's so pretty & his family accepts me & is nice
& i just want to see my boyfriend more then once every month
or once every two months for 2.5 days.
i think i am ready for it
i want to grow up
i can't stay in FL forever

in other news i lost 10 pounds
it was 12 pounds but i gained some back on my vacation
i also got a new tattoo
so that's good

i miss my boyfriend. boo

first trip

second trip

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